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CompoundingEveryone should have a choice – this is a right that is innate for all patients and healthcare professionals. For medications, Belvedere Pharmacy offers compounding services. In such way, our customers are not limited to what is available in the market. With compounding, medications can be custom prepared by pharmacists using the best quality of active ingredients and the ability to alter dosages, flavors and forms.

Belvedere Pharmacy gives customers various options in order to let them take their medications down easier such as:

  • Flavoring – We are able to add flavoring to medicine that are having particularly unpleasant taste like syrups and liquid suspensions.
  • Candy – Children may not want to take their prescribed medicine or vitamins. We are able to make them into candied form such as gummies or lollipops. We also make specialized lozenges into specific flavors if you find the manufactured lozenge’s flavors unfavorable.
  • Suspensions to Capsules or Tablets – We take your liquid prescribed medicine into capsules or tablets to avoid accidental spillage and to get them into specific measurements. We can also turn encapsulated or tablet medicine into easy to drink syrup.

Other options for compounding are:

  • Injectables – Certain medications are more effective if taken directly through the bloodstream. Injectables are also great for people who may not be able to take their medicine orally.
  • Ointments/Lotions – The skin is the largest organ of the body. It may be a great way to put treatment on skin related disease by directly putting the medicine on the skin through ointments or transdermal creams.
  • Suppositories – While others may not have the choice of taking their medicine through the mouth, medicine can still be absorbed the same way by taking it in a form that is suitable to be taken through the urethra, anus, or vagina.
  • Dosage-specific – People who are allergic to certain ingredients in their medicine may choose to take that certain ingredient off or get a replacement of that composition and still get the same relief from the medication. This is also good for people who are taking various amounts of medicine, combined into one pill or tablet.

Bring your compounding prescription with you when you visit our drugstore. Please call 410-367-5628 for prior inquiries.

Service areas covered:

We serve the areas within and surrounding Baltimore.